The Trade Desk Salaries for Engineering, Client Services, and Business

The Trade Desk Salaries for Engineering, Client Services, and Business

The Trade Desk Salaries for Engineering, Client Services, and Business
  • Adtech companies are scrambling to hire as the sector grows.
  • The Trade Desk is the largest adtech firm and is hiring for more than 200 jobs.
  • Insider compiled salary data from 2021 H1-B visas to see how much you could make in engineering, sales, and more.

Adtech is booming, and companies in the space are staffing up.

The Trade Desk is the largest independent digital advertising company with a $43 billion

market cap

. The firm sells software that agencies use to programmatically buy web,


TV, mobile, and audio ads, and has more than 2,000 employees, according to LinkedIn data. Its stock increased 13% year-over-year in 2021.

A quick look at The Trade Desk’s career site shows that it’s outpacing its peers in hiring for open roles. The Trade Desk lists 239 jobs on its job site compared to companies like Pubmatic and Magnite that have 97 and 46 open positions, respectively.

The Ventura, Calif.-based company recruits a mix of talent from technical, sales, and media experience. Of the open positions, 30% are for engineering roles, 20% are for client services roles, and 13% are for sales roles.

The Trade Desk doesn’t share salary information publicly. So to find out how much employees make, Insider matched federally disclosed data on The Trade Desk’s 2021 H-1B visa holders with the same job titles on the company’s career website. The data includes salaries through the third-quarter of 2021 and is solely based on foreign workers in the US. However, the data gives job seekers a look at salary expectations. (To see the salaries and titles at more companies, look at Insider’s salary database).

Below are six job categories with openings at The Trade Desk, and the salary information from the federally disclosed data.

Software engineering

The Trade Desk has 72 roles open, 33 of which are located in the United States.

Engineering roles include senior software manager, site reliability engineer, engineering team lead, and full-stack engineer.

These are some of the positions and the range of what visa holders make. 

Software engineer I: $99,632 to $159,600

Software engineer II: $106,400 to $159,600

Staff software engineer: $171,400 to $257,000

Senior staff engineer: $155,800 to $233,600

Lead staff software engineer: $188,500 to $282,700

Senior software engineer: $141,600 to $257,000

Engineering manager: $188,500 to $282,700

The Trade Desk

A company-wide, annual event for The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk/Facebook

Business intelligence

The Trade Desk is filling four business intelligence analyst roles. Here’s a look at the salaries of business intelligence employees, according to what visa holders make.

Business intelligence analyst I: $87,900 to $131,900

Business Intelligence analyst II: $96,700 to $145,100

Senior business immigration analyst: $117,000 to $175,600

Inventory partnerships manager: $106,400 to $133,000

Senior analyst of technical compliance: $112,632 to $131,900

Data support analyst: $48,600 to $72,900

Data science

The Trade Desk is currently hiring for three senior data scientists and a lead staff data scientist of the AI lab.

Visa holders with data science roles at the company make:

Data scientist I: $117,000 to $193,200

Data scientist II: $128,700 to $160,900

Senior data scientist: $155,800 to $233,600


The Trade Desk claims to handle 600 billion queries per day, and IT roles that help manage that scale are reflected in a handful of job postings in IT roles.

Based off of the visa data, job seekers can expect a salary of $105,061 to $119,900 for a IT senior systems administrator.

the trade desk

The Trade Desk’s CEO Jeff Green and CTO Dave Pickles

The Trade Desk/Twitter


The Trade Desk is hiring for six marketing roles, including a senior video editor, a design director, and a case study marketing manager. According to the federal visa data, a senior art specialist can expect to make between $72,600 and $109,000.

Client services and sales

The Trade Desk is hiring for 49 client serives roles that work with ad agencies and marketers as well as 32 sales roles.

These are the salaries that job seekers can expect based off of the visa data:

Lead associate account director: $103,000

Director of accounts: $144,040 to $192,400

Director of business development: $123,000 to $185,000