Video Appears to Display F-35 Striking Plane Carrier Just before Crashing

  • A new movie of the January crash appears to clearly show an F-35C putting the ramp of USS Carl Vinson in advance of bursting in flames and skidding off the deck.
  • In the days after the crash, a photo of the F-35C floating in the sea was leaked on the net, followed by a further online video of the jet seconds prior to touchdown.

Online video footage from the USS Carl Vinson’s Pilot’s Landing Support Tv (PLAT) digital camera has just been leaked on the web, exhibiting what happened to the F-35C of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 that crashed on January 24, 2022 and sunk in the South China Sea.

In the times after the crash, a image of the F-35C floating in the sea was leaked on the internet, immediately followed by a movie shot from the fantail and displaying the past seconds prior to the landing. The US Navy confirmed a number of times later on the authenticity of both equally the photograph and video.

The movie leaked right now was posted on Reddit and reveals the two the PLAT digicam online video and yet another issue of check out from the aircraft carrier’s island.

We can see the Lightning II coming in with a swiftly raising sink amount just prior to the touchdown, which prompted the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) or “Paddles” to get started screaming on the radio “electric power” and then “wave off, wave off” to instruct the pilot to abort the landing and go around right away.

The next chilling times, which according to the cameras transpired at 16:30:30, present what looks to be a ramp strike or a really quick and weighty landing. The top quality of the movie as it was recorded from a laptop display screen and the truth that it was recorded with some parallax do not give a very apparent look at.

Possibly way, the plane hit incredibly hard the ship, with the influence shredding off the primary landing equipment and triggering the F-35 to bounce on the deck and hitting it nose-to start with, just before starting up to skid sideways when engulfed in flames.

As the aircraft carrier’s crew calls for the fire emergency, the movie switches to the other digital camera, which exhibits the aftermath of the crash.

The second camera’s footage starts as the LSO phone calls the pilot for much more electrical power on the closing method, right before issuing the desperate “wave off.” The digicam exhibits that the pilot bailed out as the plane went fully sideways in the middle of the deck and by now engulfed in flames.

The F-35 than proceeded out of command and fell straight in the sea, although some burning pieces flew toward other plane parked on the deck, with the emergency crew swiftly intervening to place the fires out.

The person that posted the movie on Reddit states that the online video was not recorded by him/her, devoid of specifying exactly where it was acquired. The online video shot from the fantail was 1st shared on Telegram, in advance of turning out to be viral on Instagram and other socials. The US Navy did not verify the video’s authenticity yet, even if the footage seems to be constant with the facts about the incident that have surfaced so considerably.

Though there were several speculations about the root induce of the incident and how it unfolded, so considerably, no official statement has been launched. The online video provides some extra proof about what took place when the official investigation proceeds. Meanwhile, the US Navy is operating on the recovery of the 5th-gen aircraft from the bottom of the sea.